10 Pinay Celebs Who Undergo Plastic Surgery for the Sake of Beauty

10 Pinay Celebs Who Undergo Plastic Surgery for the Sake of Beauty


Today, being beautiful wasn’t impossible specially for those who’s willing to sacrifice money for the sake of it. As technology continuously develop, it became possible to be beautiful in an instant.

In showbiz world where camera embraces beauty faces and sexy bodies, enhancing beauty using plastic surgery in a no new thing. Here are the list of the top 10 most well-known Filipina Celebrities who had undergo surgeries to enhance, correct,  or change different parts of their body and faces to attain certain level of beauty the audience would love.

1. Jonalyn Viray

Parts: breast and nose

The Pinoy Pop Superstar Champion Jonalyn Viray admitted to have nose job at the age of 15 after her success as a new singer. Afterwards, she was rumored to have breast augmentation too. Today she avoid any more cosmetic surgery stating that any flaws can now be concealed and corrected with make-up.


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