8 Tips for Happier Marriage

8 Tips for Happier Marriage


Remember, a happy marriage is healthy. However, marriage may seem old fashion nowadays like a sepia toned photograph. But there are researches shown that people who remain married to one partner are the happiest, married people are statistically happier and live longer than those non-married. Yet, it wasn’t easy to retain such good married relationship. Fortunately, this article cited what to do and what to not do to gain happy, healthy marriage.

1. Be realistic on your relationship expectations

At the start of love, romance is wonderful and a sure way to maintain love and intimacy is to see the best in your partner. But by the years going with your spouse, you need to start seeing truthfully and accepting imperfections. Marriage are more likely to last longer when couples learns to cope with each other’s personal weakness. Always put in mind that no one is born perfect, and no one will die perfect. All marriages need to work, exert efforts upon accepting. Other way that expectations could lead to disappointments’, made up of non-realistic outlooks. You may still idealize your partner, but remember that they are also human, by all means.

      2. Take it easy to say sorry

Have you ever met people that can never apologize, never they can admit they were wrong and never say sorry? That kind of people are less likely to stay on a long term relationship even in marriage. In support with this, a survey conducted in San Francisco found that people who stay happily married are twice likely to be able and willing to apologize to their partner than those divorced or single people. The survey also found that happily married people are 25% more likely to apologize first even on the situations that they feel partially to blame. While on the other hand, the divorced and single people found it ever to apologize or make conciliatory gestures that makes them difficult to be with and stays single as a result. Yes, romance and passion may bring couples together, but always keep in mind that compromise and respect will keep them there. Don’t hesitate to say sorry on whatever state of affairs. Perhaps, it is better to understand than to be understand.


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