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9 Philippine Facts You probably Didn’t Know

  1. Quezon City was the national capital of the Philippines for almost three decades.

It started when President Quezon dreamt of a city to be the capital of the Philippines. According to his military advisers, Manila was vulnerable to naval attacks because it was near a bay, and it is getting crowded as well. That was why in 1938, President Quezon sought the help of the American architect and planner, William E. Parsons, who selected the Diliman estate as the site of the new city. This lead to President Quezon buying a 15.29 km² parcel of land from the Diliman estate owned by the Tuazon family. In the year 1948, President Manuel L. Quezon declared Quezon City as the capital city of the Philippines until President Ferdinand Marcos returned the title to the City of Manila in 1976 through Presidential Decree No. 940. The City of Manila has been Philippine’s capital city since 1595.

  1. Jones Bridge was called “Banzai Bridge” during the Japanese Occupation.

It was built in 1701 as Puente de España, though it was rebuilt by the Americans in 1916 and was named after Atkinson Jones. The Jones Bridge was christened by Chairman Jorge Vargas during the Japanese occupation into the name “Banzai Bridge” that literally means ““may you live ten thousand years”. The renaming of the Jones Bridge into Banzai bridge was part of the Japanese propaganda to Asianism and eliminate Western influence.