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Best Business Ideas for OFW

The OFWs or what we call “Bagong Bayani” contribute about 10 percent of the country’s gross domestic product or GDP. Though, being an overseas Filipino worker is not easy. They have to endure being away from their families and the insecurities a foreign land, a foreign culture might present. But their desire to bring pasture and improvement to their family’s condition motivates them to face the uncertainties of working abroad.

Therefore the hard-earned money of the OFWs sends back home would be unwise not to make something out of it. if you are an OFW and you think your income is not enough to help your family live comfortably, or perhaps you want to make much more of what you earn abroad, it is about time to seek out other investments for you to earn some additional income. It may be quite intimidating or scary to start your own business, but remember that that is life. We have to take the risks, however, do so with enough safety nets. To help you figure things out, here is the list of 11 good business ideas OFWs can venture their money.

  1. Buy And Sell

Buying imported goods and selling it to people back home in the Philippines is a great way to make some additional income while working abroad. You may start by selling on a per order basis so you don’t have to start big with these. Make sure to have someone in the Philippines who can manage the logistics for you. If you are located in the United States, you may sell authentic jerseys or makeup products to fellow Filipinos back home. take advantage of the social media to advertise your products.

  1. Open an online store.

Have special skills or talent? Such as photography, art, or writing? You can actually use your skills and talent to make some passive income. There are artsy people who set up a storefront on Etsy that is so easy. There you can sell clothes, accessories, handcrafted jewelry, craft supplies, and decors among others there. On the other hand, if you love to write, you may consider writing an ebook on topics you love and sell it on Amazon.