Death Penalty to be Re-imposed

Death Penalty to be Re-imposed


As the presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte sited it is anticipated that the death penalty will again be put into action that will sure cause tedious and agitated debate.

Sen. Koko Pimentel stressed that there will be lots of possible contraries on implementing Mayor Duterte’s plan. It is more likely that the Catholic Church and other organizations concerning the subject will be opposing the death penalty law.  “Reviving the death penalty will not be smooth sailing. I am sure dito sa Duterte administration babalik tayo sa debate sa re-imposition ng death penalty, in the meantime meron tayong existing na batas, i-enforce na lang yun,” Pimentel said.

During the campaign of Mayor Duterte it was remarked that one of his indispensable agenda was to eradicate increasing number of crimes specially drugs, rape and more. Hence, it is expected by the mass that laws like this will be executed or in death penalty’s case, re-executed in order to put our country at peaceful state.

“Wala na kasing natatakot sa batas kaya sa pagbuhay ng Duterte government sa death penalty ay marami ang matatakot lalo’t kilala sa pagiging tough na lider si Duterte,” Pimentel added.


By: Shiela Arazo   



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