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Duterte Presidency Plans in his 6 years of service!

IKINASA NA! These are the DUTERTE Presidency Plans in His 6 years of Service!

The Duterte presidency platforms were all set! And here are the things that he will do for the country:



-Suppress drugs & crimes within 3 to 6 months.

-Increase police salaries to P75,000 to P100,000 within 3 years.

-Installations of CCTV in all thoroughfares.

-Revival of the Special Courts to serious crime.

-Unite the country by healing of deeply-ingrained differences and shifting to Federal forms of government.


  1. We will back him up in prayers that he will be able to do everything he intends to do for the country. We as citizens should do our part. Obey the laws of the land. Mabuhay president Duterte!

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