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Make Your Work and Life Balanced With These 10 Tips

A person is made up of mind and heart and so sometimes it is hard to balance life. We have to maintain our career on a sustainable level but we also have to get a life outside the office.

On a Pew Research study it is found that more than half of all working parents with children to take care say it’s difficult for them to balance their job with the responsibilities they have for their family. But this doesn’t mean that parents are the only ones who need a balance life, non-parents are also demanding their desire to have a life that is not only defined by their job. Jennifer Glass, a sociology professor at the University of Austin stated that everyone needs more work-life balance, but most people are facing opposite. There’s been a grim march forward in work hours over the past 40 years that keeps going. On this “always-on” culture, companies try to increase efficiency without expanding their payrolls as a global expansion and to create mobile technologies, and the result, workers find the scales tilting further than they expected.

A worker should be wise enough to be able to balance life, and to help, here are 10 ways to rebalance it.

1. Avoid taking your cellphone always

When you have your mobile phone always in hand, it is easy to let work interfere your personal time. You can’t resist it when your phone keeps on buzzing with messages from coworkers and clients. In order to balance your life, you have to restrict yourself from constantly checking and responding to every non-emergency matters about your job. You may start slowly, like for instance turning your phone off for just an hour after dinner. This way you may have your private life safe from disturbance of work. Organizational consultant Ed Muzio said, “People get addicted to the importance of always being on call, but everyone needs to have some boundaries”.

   2.Make going to gym a habit

Maybe you already feel stressed about meeting all your work and family obligations, and so adding time for the gym could just make your schedule hectic. But there are researches that show how habitual exercise can increase endorphin and serve as stress reliever and so are less likely to experience conflict in their work and home roles.

     3. Have your leisure time schedule


To successfully find time to have it, you need to do just that: Find Time. In order to do this, one way is to put everything on calendar. Get your time divided equally, for children, for date night, for hobby, and for work. By this you are making each responsibility a total commitment. As the CEO of FlexJobs, Sara Sutton Fell said, “If you’ve scheduled time to take care of yourself or do something that makes you happy, respect that appointment the same way you would a work meeting”