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Stress? Reduce it with these 3 Exercise

Stress of bossy manager? Due to date bills? Files of works to do?  Unhealthy relationship? Traffic? Dirty places? Or just stress of thinking all of these?  No question, this hurried world really causes as stress as we try to move along with it. But there are some tricks on how to reduce it like the following exercises that will make you relax. This is more helpful that spending a night after work with bottles of beer.

1. The breathing exercise

(5-10 minutes daily)

Find yourself a quiet place and move on a comfortable position. You may sit on a chair but make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are down and relax. Or you may also lie down with your eyes close and feel comfortable but doesn’t send you to sleep. Slowly breath, and bring your all attention to it. Concentrate on the in-breath, then concentrate on the out-breath. Just take in right pressure, don’t exaggerate the slowness or the deepness of your breath. Get your belly relaxed. It is normal to feel your belly rise and fall with each breath. Don’t get worried if this breathing from the diaphragm doesn’t come right away it usually happen. Although some people unconsciously train themselves to breath more shallowly from the chest. Your mind may not be stop to wander, but try to focus again on breathing whenever it happens forget about judgment and frustration for this while. Try doing this everyday regularly to get yourself a clear mind break of all the stress you may be having.