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The Top 10 Most Prestigious and Costly High School in the Philippines

Nowadays, the cost of living continuously goes high and along with it is the price of tuition fees varying on the quality of education parents could provide to their children. In the Philippines, it is a fact that tuition fees and other school expenses eats a large chunk of the family’s annual budget. But then again, how much do you think it takes out of a Filipino family’s expense to send a child to the most exclusive schools? To give you an idea, here are the 10 most expensive schools you may consider educating your child.

10. De La Salle Zobel

DLSZ is located at the exclusive village of Ayala Alabang. Its tuition fees for high school students is about Php 110,000 per year at 2011, however, its tuition fee increases yearly as well as the campus development fee. The cost is worth it for the school is known for its great facilities and strong athletic program. They have physical therapy, an enormous football field with synthetic grass, handicrafts, automotive, archery and weight rooms, and classes for martial arts.