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Tips on Achieving Financial Freedom

It is a life proven fact that money is important. But what is your vision of financial freedom? And how could you achieve it?

Most of us didn’t know where to go. Riding without directions, some are hopping in without specific answer when asked on where to go, no secured plans and just driving aimlessly and hoping on ending up somewhere interesting. But what if not?


Most people plan their lives this way. Yes they may have ambiguous idea of what they want to be, but they are not really sure on which direction to go to get there. And so they spend their lives speculating around, asking direction, and wondering if they are there yet. If you’re one of these kind of people, the reason may be because you don’t know what’s your specific goals are. Always remember that if you want to achieve something in life, no matter what it is, the easiest way of getting it is to make it a goal.

Your goal is your destination. And only you can create it for yourself by describing where you intend to be as specific as possible, visualize it, and then define the exact steps that are required to achieve it. The next is you divide those steps to make it manageable. Define the exact steps required to achieve it, assign a completion date for each one. While on your way to it, you’ll get everyone who’s going with you on this journey. Together you follow through until you arrive. You may not accomplish every one of these steps, don’t worry cause it happens. You just have to keep trying even though you’ll take longer than necessary to do it. it is better to be late than ending up never getting what you want. Always try to keep yourself on track, keep in mind that these steps are your road map that represents the shortest path from where you are to your ideal destination. Plan your goal setting using this condensed version:

  1. Naming your destination. What’s your goal?      
  2. Visualize it. What exactly does it look like?
  3. List the steps in order to achieve it. What specifically will you have to do by when?
  4. Get everyone else onboard. Who are the persons that can be with me to make the journey easier?
  5. Follow through. Am I still on the track?

Not all people set goals for themselves. They don’t take a chance about what they really want and to make it happen. Yes all of us have something to say when asked what we want like to be rich, a rock start, a famous writer or a super model. But that’s too huge and too far to reach. These are just dreams, so why don’t we have goals instead? Because dreams are much easier to say, less risky and more relaxed to maintain. Dream is something you just want, and so you may fail at achieving it. at the first place you just wish for it, you never really say you’d get there. While on the other hand, a goal is something you’ve said both on paper and out loud. Goal is something you are really intending to do. This also means that if you don’t get there, you fail. And obviously, failure means looking bad to yourself and others. The point is most people don’t have goals because they are not courageous enough. It is common to human to be afraid on failures. However, we all need to overcome it. One way to do it is by realizing that failing is a sign that your trying, and trying is better that doing nothing that takes you nowhere. Nothing in life is so sure and there’s nothing ever accomplished without some failure along the way. Don’t be afraid of failing to achieve your goal, be afraid of having no chance to try.

However, the fact that you’re reading this sentence is a sign of being courageous to take goals and positive of it. You are ready to try, you are ready to set your goals.